PureLifi Stocks Average Price and Earnings

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PureLiFi is one of the biggest visible light company today. The name of its co-founder is professor Harald Hass who has received global recognition for his work on LiFi technology. LiFi is the technology of future. LiFi uses light to send data. The data is embedded in the light’s beam.

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This technology has a wide number of advantages. This technology is supposed to be a thousand times faster than the present speed of the internet. We can have better privacy, better experience, etc. due to this unbelievable technology. PureLiFi has been working on this technology for so long and due to this technology’s undeniable performance, PureLiFi is getting greater traction among of investment communities every year. Now many veteran investors and brokerage houses are showing keen interest in this script.


The size of the company is small. It holds around 10 to 59 employees and the turnover of the company lies between £2 to £3 million.

At the end of the year 2020 the total assets of the company were 7.04 million which is 22.72% less than the previously year.

Total liberties of the company is £-19.1 million which decreased by 4.81%. that is , £-887k.

The net asset of PureLiFi was reported £-12.06 million which decreased by 32.34%.

While the employees in the company increased by 32, bank statement of the company was 3.15 million which is 34.94 percent less than previous year.

Debt ratio also increased by 71.26% making it to be 271.27 %.

Funds given to PureLiFi was said to be £18 million on November 2019. In total the amount of funds PureLiFi has raised until now is $43.9 million.

The reason behind PureLiFi getting such huge amount funds from time to time is its technology and sense of future growth of the company.


Apparently Scottish high-tech firm pureLiFi has announced a multi-million dollar deal to supply the US military with an optical wireless communication system. This gives PureLiFi a great opportunity to research and invest in their technology and get results faster.

The deal with the United States Army Europe and Africa is the world’s first large-scale deployment of li-fi technology, according to the company.

PureLiFi informed that $4.2 million have been invested already in deployment.


This a great time to invest in the PureLifi. The market of this technology is supposed to reach up to $75 billion by the year 2023. Although this company is private, therefore you can not busy its stocks and shares in the market.

The value of common stock has kept on rising for PureLiFi. The value of common stock was at steady rate of 2.0 from 2012 to 2014. Then at 2015, a rise of 1.0 was seen. From 2015 to 2016 that common stock was at a steady rate of 3.0 and then at 2017 it jumped to 5.0. According to the last report of 2018, the common stock was at a steady rate of 5.0 .

The current assets of PureLifi went from $154.2k to $3.7million in just 6 years. Retained earning also increased up to $12.8 million.


On 23 September 2021, PureLiFi raised £240,000 from Scottish investment bank. Just like this recent investment, PureLiFi keeps on getting huge investments and funds. The total fund of the company is now 73.14 million.


Imagine sending your texts, pictures and other data through the light in your room. Seems unbelievable, right ? Well you should get ready because if you thought this was only fiction earlier, you should know by now that this is going to be part of our day to day reality in a few years. LiFi is going to be the need of the future. With such great technology, so many mile stones can be achieved by the mankind. So much can be done.

In future due to this technology, the data under the LiFi system will be transferred to the bulb of our homes and get received by photoreceptors.

It is estimated that if this technology is implemented in the right way. It will be a thousand times faster than then present wireless technology.


One of the advantage that LiFi technology has over the wifi is that the LiFi won’t get interference by the radio signals. With this add the advantage of high speed, that is up to 1000 times faster than the speed of your wifi right now.

As the light from your room can not leave your room unlike the radio signals from WiFi, LiFi will ensure that your data is much more secure and safe. Although this technology has a little time to come to us because of some of its limitations and disadvantages. There are a few uncertainties to be handled before we use this tech, but our future awaits this technology with great expectations.


As we step into the future everyday, our technology is getting more and more sharp with expanding the advantages and defeating the boundaries. Soon we are going to use light as the source of information, because of LiFi technology, things that we imagined years before to be just a fiction is going to turn into reality. Within a few years the speed of the internet on which we are working right now will change and become at least a thousand times faster.

Future is here and it awaits us. We have seen the success of PureLiFi above and how it is getting bigger and bigger funds every year. That day is not far enough when this company will lead the world to a better experience in terms of using the internet. There are a number of benefits we can attain with the LiFi technology. The faster internet can help us in many ways. It can help human to explore more universe, collect more data, gather more information and so much more.

All we need to do is wait for a while for this miracle to complete.