NASDAQ ASMB Historical Earnings and What it is

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ASMB is a US-based biotechnology company that develops therapies for infectious diseases. It focuses on the HBV-cure program and synthetic live biotherapeutics. Recently, the company developed protein modulators for HBV core protein.

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The company is committed to freeing 270 million HBV patients from lifetime therapy. Assembly Biosciences was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in South San Francisco. It trades on NASDAQ under the ticker ASMB. Let’s dig deeper into NASDAQ ASMB historical earnings and what it is.


NASDAQ: ASMB has a market capitalization of $114, so it’s still under the radar of institutional investors. What does this say about a company?

Since institutional investors compare the returns of the index, they buy from larger companies. Assembly Biosciences has attracted a large number of institutional investors and this gives it some degree of credibility.

That’s not all. Hedge funds own 5% of ASMB shares. And this is interesting considering that hedge funds can be quite active. Not to mention, investors always look for a medium-term catalyst to drive the share prices up. The largest shareholders are Armistice Capital LLC and Satter Management Company.



Analysts forecast a share price of -0.35 to -0.55 and a consensus estimate of -0.48.


The earnings per share for Assembly Biosciences averages 2.38. In the second quarter of 2021, the EPS averaged -0.6 to 0.73. The consensus estimate was -0.88, but the reported earnings were -0.55. This was 27% more than analyst expectations.

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, the EPS averaged -0.73 to -0.60 with a consensus estimate of -0.66. However, the reported earnings were -0.55 (16% increase).

In quarter 3, analysts forecast the earnings per share at -0.49 to -0.70. The reported earnings were -0.41 (27% increase).

In the fourth quarter of 2021, analysts forecasted EPS of -0.75 to -0.99 and a consensus estimate of 0.49. The reported earnings were -1.10, so it fell below analyst expectations by 25%. The company earned $6.25 million in the last quarter of the year.


Analysts forecasted earnings per share at -1.48 and -1.62. However, the reported earnings were -1.775. This was a 12.4% percent increase.


The analysts forecasted an EPS from -3.66 to – 3.84. But the reported earnings were -3.72.


Analysts forecasted EPS of -3.94 to -3.75. The reported earnings were -3.98.


Analysts forecasted EPS between 3.49 and 3.75. The actual earnings stood at -2.14 (18.2% above analyst expectations).

NASDAQ: ASMB next earning date

Considering the past years’ reports, the next earning date is estimated at 24 Feb 2022.


Yes. For the better part of 2021, investors were keeping an eye on this stock. As of March 2020, the stock was trading at $15.60. The share price fell by an overwhelming 84.6%. It’s currently trading at $2.4 per share.

What does this mean for investors? According to analysts, you can still make money from the uncomfortable business. We can learn a lot from Salesforce shares. Those who held the shares in 2005 are doing well today. Therefore, the shareholders shouldn’t worry.

One thing about NASDAQ: ASMB is that the company is yet to experience runway cash. This refers to the length of time it takes for a company to continue with the current cash burn. In mid-2021, ASMB reported that it was not financing any debts and was worth $199 million. The company had a cash burn of $75 million which means that it can still grow for another 2 years.

For the last 12 months, the company has managed to trim the cash burn by 15%. It also reported a decrease in operating revenue during the same period. Although the past performance of stocks determines future expectations, the company has come up with strategies to fuel its growth.

How long will Assembly Biosciences raise cash to fuel its growth?

In terms of cash burn, the company is in a good position. However, analysts suggest that it would be better if it considered acquiring extra finances. It can take a debt or issue new shares. By considering the amount the company burned in 2021, this can be overwhelming based on the market value.

While the financial health of the company can make investors a little nervous, the cash burn is not problematic. If you’ve invested in the firm, you should monitor the changes with time. At the moment, this is not the best stock to buy.


In late November 2021, investors short a total of 1,550,000 shares. Currently, the share price is 90% down the value three years ago. If you’re considering a buy or a sell, diversification is key. The other stocks you should pay attention to are:

* Sorrento therapeutics

* AVEO pharmaceuticals

* BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

* Blueprint medicines

* BioDelivery Sciences International

* TG therapeutics

Since Assembly Biosciences has made a huge loss in the last 12 months, it’s focused on revenue growth. However, even the best stocks will underperform at some time.

Before the drop in share price, the company had realized a growth of 75% per year. This is a clear sign that massive growth doesn’t always lead to profits.

How much does Assembly Biosciences make?

Despite the drop in the price per share, the company generates $79.11 million per year. The net income profit is estimated at $62.15 per annum.


* To complete enrollment for the combination studies with Arbutus Biphramas RNA therapeutic candidate and VBR + NRTL

* To provide strategy on research programs beyond HBV targets

* To initiate the second half of ABI paints with HBV infection


According to Wall Street analysts, this is a good stock to buy, hold, and sell. It’s currently rated as rank 3 and 2. This also means that investors should maintain their existing portfolios. However, some analysts believe that the stocks are currently overvalued, so investors should not sell existing shares or buy additional ones. And based on financial health and growth prospects, this can be a worthwhile stock for momentum investors.


You can only buy ASMB shares through a brokerage account. Some of the popular brokerages are TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, WeBull, E*TRADE, and Vanguard Brokerage services.